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This is a space where you can be fully, unapologetically you. 

I am a licensed therapist in Texas, providing Telehealth services to all TX Residents. My specialities include: people-pleasing, family of origin issues, and improving & creating healthy relationships. I want to help you become so confident in your authentic self, that you are able to create more peace, better boundaries, and less anxiety in your life. Are you ready to break free from the past and your people-pleasing habits? Let's meet for a free consultation!

Welcome, I'm Emily!

Therapy with Emily is right for you if....

You're ready to break free from the cycle of people-pleasing and are motivated to make lasting changes.


You're determined to heal from family of origin trauma, your past, and create a brighter, more empowered future.


You may be looking for a therapist who is also first-generation American, and can deeply understand family of origin dynamics from a cultural lens.

You want to improve your dating experiences, go from an anxious to a secure attachment style, and build healthier, more fulfilling relationships.


Setting boundaries in your relationships and family dynamics feels challenging, but you're eager to grow more confident in this area.

You're committed to rediscovering your authentic self, improving your self-esteem and embracing your unique identity.

Does this sound like you? I'm so glad you're here.


Family of Origin

create a life you love to live

Relationships & Dating

Attachment Style

working together is simple:

Click on the links below to directly schedule a free 15 minute, no obligation consultation. This is where I can learn more about your goals for counseling & you can ask me any questions! Or email me, tell me a little bit about yourself and any questions you may have! Looking forward to connecting and starting your journey to growth together.

Telehealth Services to Texas Residents 

(in person is not offered)

Free 15 Min Consultation

Contact Me


You don't have to carry all of this all on your own.

Online Telehealth
in Texas




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