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Your Therapist for Anxious People-Pleasers


Many individuals who identify as people-pleasers find themselves sacrificing their own needs, emotions & desires for the sake of others. This habit, often rooted in family of origin experiences and trauma, can lead to a host of challenges, from struggling to set healthy boundaries, burn out, & losing touch with one's authentic self. You may worry about upsetting others or being perceived as 'selfish.' At times, you might feel the urge to say what others want to hear, even if it doesn't align with your true thoughts and feelings. As a therapist with a deep passion for helping people-pleasers, I'm here to guide you in overcoming these habits, healing from past traumas & limiting beliefs, rediscovering your true self, and equipping you with the skills to navigate dating and relationships confidently.

Family of Origin

Our family of origin is where we learn many of our foundational beliefs and behaviors, shaping our understanding of love, connection, and our place in the world. These early dynamics can also be the breeding ground for lasting traumas and unhelpful patterns. Unresolved family of origin issues & past trauma can often become the silent drivers behind people-pleasing habits, as we subconsciously try to gain approval or harmony. By gaining insight into these origins and addressing unresolved traumas, we can free ourselves from the grip of people-pleasing tendencies and build healthier romantic relationships. Together, we'll explore these influential roots, addressing unresolved traumas and building a strong foundation for self-discovery.

Relationships & Dating

If you're someone who identifies as a people-pleaser, you may have experienced struggles in your relationships. People-pleasing often involves putting others' needs before your own, and while it may seem like a way to foster harmony, it can also hinder your connection with others. By neglecting your own desires and boundaries, you may find that you're not truly showing up as your authentic self in your relationships. As we work together, we'll explore the roots of this behavior and develop the skills to express your authentic self confidently. This transformation can lead to healthier and more fulfilling connections, where you're valued for who you truly are, rather than what you do for others. I would love to also help you HEAL from past toxic relationships as well (and possible narcissistic abuse) and feel better equipped to spot red flags vs. green flags in dating & give you the skills to find your dream partner that aligns with who are truly are.

Attachment Style

For those who are new to the concept, attachment styles are deeply ingrained patterns of relating to others that we develop in early life. Anxious attachment styles often involve a heightened need for closeness and reassurance in relationships, while avoidant attachment styles lean towards emotional independence and difficulty with vulnerability. If you've identified as a people-pleaser, your attachment style might be playing a significant role in your relationships. Exploring and healing towards a more secure attachment style can be a game-changer. Secure attachment is characterized by emotional balance, the ability to set boundaries, and a strong sense of self-worth. Attachment styles are on a spectrum and can change for the positive with awareness and action!By addressing and transforming your attachment style, you can unlock healthier, more fulfilling relationships and a higher quality of life.

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